SCE Membership for Technicians
A person who attained diploma certificate and may select the duration of membership for one/two/three years. The fee is paid in two parts (500 SAR as a one-time processing fee and 200 SAR for each year as opted).
List of Technician professions:
The following professions in Residence Permits (Iqama) are linked with Saudi Council of Engineers and require registration with SCE for renewal:
Building Surveyor
Road surveyor
Architectural Draughtsman
General Surveyor
Mine Surveyor
Photographic surveyor
Architectural Model Maker
Construction Draughtsman / Buildings
Structural Draughtsman / Roads
General Draughtsman
Building Technician /Building Supervisor
Road Technician /Road Supervisor
Quantity Surveyor
Soil Mechanics Laboratory Technician
Structural Materials Lab Technician
Associate Surveyor
Digital mapping technician
Digital aerial survey Technician
Surveyor and Field Investigator
Digital Aerial Scanning Equipment Operator
Cartography First Supervisor
Marine mapping technician
Quantity Surveyor
Electrical Draftsman
Mechanical Draftsman
Electrical Designs draftsman
Power plants - installation Technician
Power plants - O&M technician
Power plants switching - installation Technician
Power plants - switching O&M technician
Electrical technician - aerial lines
Electrical technician - land cables
Customer Services Electrical Technician
Electrical technician - wiring
Electrical technician - equipment Maintenance
Electrical technician - precision equipment
Electrical Engineering Technician - General
Electronics Technician
Telecommunications Technician – General
Desalination Fire Alarm Technician
Electrical Technician - Generators & aircraft Motors
Electronic Technician – Communications
Medical Equipment Technician
Electronic Technician - TV Maintenance
Electronic Technician – Control Equipment
Electricity technician
Electronic Draftsman
Electronic Technician – Radio broadcast
Electronic Technician – TV broadcast
Computer Technician
Communications Engineering Technician
Mobile Telephone Technician
Telephone Technician
General System Analyst
Operations Analyst
Computer Programmer
Computer Networks Security Supervisor
Data Bank Systems Programmer
Database Supervisor
Computer Trainer
Business Analysis Specialist
Database Administrator
Systems Operation Specialist
Technical Services Specialist
Technical Support Specialist
Software Development Specialist
Information Security Specialist
Software Engineering Specialist
Computer Operator
Computer Network Technician
Support Technician
General Mechanical Draftsman
Mechanical Draftsman - Plumbing and heating
Mechanical Draftsman - Air Conditioning & Cooling
Mechanical Draftsman- Welding & Tinplate
Mechanical Engineering Technician -General
Mechanical Production  Technician
Welding Technician
Welding Tester
Casting Technician
Mold Technician
Heat Exchanger Technician
Plumbing & Heating Technician - Installation
Plumbing & Heating Technician - Operation & Maintenance
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician
HVAC Technician
Mechanical Engineering & Steam Engine Technician
Light Vehicle Maintenance Technician
Bus and Truck Maintenance Technician
Road Machinery Maintenance Technician
Agricultural Machinery Maintenance Technician
Engine Lathing Technician
Helicopter Maintenance Technician
Aviation Technician
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Ship Engine Maintenance Technician
Locomotive Maintenance Technician
Fluid Technician
Steam Turbine Technician -Operation
Steam Turbine Technician - Maintenance
Gas Turbine Technician
General Maintenance Technician
Production Engineering Technician
Time and Movement Technician
Cathodic Protection Technician
Swimming Pool Maintenance Technician
General Chemistry Laboratory Technician
Crude Oil Laboratory Technician
Water Laboratory Technician
Food Lab Technician
General Chemical Technician
Chemical Refining Technician
Chemical Cleaning Technician
Food Industries Technician
Paint Industries Technician
Mining Technician
Metallurgy Technician
Oil Technician
Drilling Technician
Natural Minerals Technician
Metal Ovens Technician
Factory Planning Draftsman
Industrial Equipment Installation Technician
Security & Safety Technician
Occupational Health Technician
Fire Fighting Technician
Water Networks Technician
Network Sewer Technician
Sewage Treatment Plant Technician
Water & Sewage Technician
Sound Technician
Lighting Technician
Decoration Technician

* Please note that registration with SCE is mandatory for those having one of the professions mentioned above. More technical professions are under way.
How to register as Technician (Diploma holder):
Upload the following documents to the SCE profile that you have created:
Attested diploma, both sides.
Authorization Letter, download from SCE website, fill out properly, and scan (click here to download the form).
Introduction letter from the current employer, attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
Copy of Iqama/Entry visa page in the passport.
Copy of Passport.
Personal Photograph (passport quality).
*Note: All documents are subject to verification from the issuing agency.
How to register as Technician (with no diploma or certificate):
Authorization Letter, download from SCE website, fill out properly, and scan (click here to download the form).
Introduction letter from the current employer, attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
Copy of Iqama/Entry visa page in the passport.
Copy of Passport.
Personal Photograph