• Raising the administrative and the engineering professional efficiency of the engineer to improve the level of his professional performance.

  • Allowing the engineer to gain technical knowledge and expertise in his field of specialization.

For accreditation of training centers, training course programs, and trainers; after meeting the conditions,  the Saudi Council of Engineers requires that the training courses must suit engineering specializations, requirements of the Saudi Labor Market, and achieve the following 


  • Participating in developing the local engineering system through training courses and programs that suit engineers with different specializations; according to the requirement and the need of labor market.

  •  Training and qualifying the national technical cadres of the newly graduated engineers.

  • Participating in developing and raising the competence of the professional engineer and developing his scientific and practical skills.


Training And Rehabilitation: it provides training centers with several electronic services such as:
-Learning about the terms of authorizing the courses.
-Listing the basic center data
-Applying for authorizing the training courses.
-Learning about all authorized courses related to each center
-Asking for the advertismet of an authorized and registered course in the gate