​​Engineering Offices: the system of engineering offices and companies enables engineers to electronically apply for a license for an engineering office, and complete related services without the need to consult the council such as opening a new office, license renewal, opening a new branch, renovating a branch, transferring an office, transferring a branch, modifying a name, changing a branch, ending an activity, cancelling a license, cancelling a branch, opening a soil laboratory, renovating a soil laboratory, reapplying for a document in case of losing it. The system also allow them to benefit from services related to service offices for assistance, engineering companies, offices of safety engineering, licensing services, sending invitations and changing the patron, modifying the career and follow up letters.

Accessing the system of engi​neering offices

E-Services for engineering offices licensing have been launched to ensure that office applications are completed in a short time. Applications for office licenses are submitted electronically via the website directly. This procedure includes basic services (establishing an office, renewing a license, opening a branch, renewing a branch, office and branch relocation, modifying a name, changing headquarters, suspension of an activity, canceling a license, closing a branch, opening a soil lab, renewing a soil lab and issuing a replacement for a lost document).

The E-Services also include the submission of applications of (supportive service offices, engineering companies, engineering safety offices, licensing services, recruitment, sponsorship transfer, change of job title and related letters.)

Future Plan:

  • To complete the automation of professional offices and companies services.

  • To submit a proposal to add the engineering field to be practiced through the licenses.

  • To establish a specialized department for following-up and field monitoring of engineering offices and companies.

  • To connect the system with government entities to display licensing information.

  • To coordinate with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to activate the classification.

    New procedures for the issuance of building licenses in Riyadh. The role and responsibility of engineering offices and accountability mechanism.

1.Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs:

Regulations and requirements of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs: Click here

2.Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage:

Access the Commission website Click here

Follow these steps:

  1. The homepage of the website and then the tourism investment icon
  2. Tourism Licensing
  3. Tourism Accommodation
  4. Classification standards of all types of tourism accommodation facilities.

3.Saudi Electricity Company:

The requirements of the SEC to be considered when designing and executing buildings click here

4.Balady Website:

The link shows the required conditions and requirements Click here

5.Website of the General Directorate of Civil Defense:

Civil Defense Regulations Click here                                                                         
6.Riyadh Municipality

Services Portal Click here

7.National Water Company

E-Services Click here

Accessing the system of engi​neering offices