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"Mumaris", a new platform for the regulation of investors business in the field of engineering consulting services

"Mumaris", a new platform for the regulation of investors business in the field of engineering consulting services
. 24 May, 2019

SCE has launched a new interactive electronic platform that aims to develop and facilitate electronic services for companies and engineering offices, and to contribute to the creation and attractiveness of investment in engineering services in the Kingdom.

SCE is keen to solicit the best technical solutions, to better serve the engineering and consulting services sector in the Kingdom, which will reduce the paper work, starting from the submission of applications, to the printing of licenses electronically.

The platform, which was inaugurated by the board member, Eng. Salem Al-Huraish, aims to facilitate e-transactions to help the engineering offices and companies, save time and effort, and facilitate easy access to information at any time, publication of all rules and regulations, and the subsequent circulars and decisions.

The platform saves and archives all transactions by users, with high storage capacity, and archiving of information and data, facilitates the extraction of reports and statistics required at any time when requested.

Mumaris is characterized by important features related to users and the sending of alerts and notifications to them automatically and periodically, with messages system services, and continuously update data, and enable the registration and the addition of engineering staff, addition of data and information for companies and engineering offices. This is in addition to the possibility of linking the facility to the national address and "Google Map" program to ensure the accuracy of information provided.

Eng. Mohammed Bin Eid Al Enazi, Director General of Engineering Offices and Companies, said that Mumaris platform will contribute significantly to the development of electronic services provided and address many of the problems that were experienced by the engineering offices and companies, stressing that it will serve more than 2800 engineering offices and company.

Al-Enazi said that the platform coincides fully with the system of practicing the engineering professions and new operating standards to achieve one of the objectives of SCE to develop its electronic services and to create an attractive investment climate in the field of engineering services in line with the aspirations of the wise leadership and realization of the Saudi Vision 2030.