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General Administration of Engineering Offices & Companies

Organizational Structure:

The General Administration of Engineering Offices and Companies is one of the pillars of the Saudi Council of Engineers. It is concerned with regulating the practice of engineering work in engineering offices and companies through the issuance and renewal of engineering licenses, contributing in controlling the quality and outputs of engineering work through field supervision and inspection of such offices along with increasing the competitiveness among them and ensuring that they comply with the rules and regulations related to the practice of the profession within the Kingdom.

General Objectives of Engineering Offices and Companies:
To provide licenses issuance and renewal services for engineering offices and companies to carry out engineering work in the Kingdom in accordance with the rules and regulations issued in this regard.
To control quality and outputs of the engineering work in the Kingdom, through making supervision and inspection tours and ensuring that such engineering offices and companies are complying with the rules and regulations of practicing the profession and penalize violators.
To improve efficiency of engineering offices and companies, increase the competitiveness among them for the advancement of the engineering profession and outputs of engineering work; and classify and qualify the same in accordance with the engineering activities that they practice in accordance with the size of their engineering works and personnel.